An update from sunny Florida! In the last couple of weeks I’ve spend lots of hours training on the blue track (check the pictures), together with both Dutch and foreign athletes. To keep myself extremely focussed I’ve also done some training sessions together with the men…that was really exciting! It always takes a bit of time switching from the 60 indoor to the 100/200 m outdoor, but I’m feeling great! Being in Florida helps a lot, over here I can clear my head and think about nothing else but training. In a couple of weeks we can see how all this hard work pays off when I have my first out of three Diamond League races! In case you missed it last week, the following races were announced: Doha (May 6), Birmingham (June 5) and Oslo (June 9)

Oh and ps: I just visited myself in a mall nearby 😉 You can find me in different Nike stores all over the world…how cool is that?! So if you see me in a store near you, send me a picture, that will be fun 🙂







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