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3x protein power

Besides my sprint training sessions, you can find me in the gym a couple of times per week. To be able to cope with these very intensive work-outs and to recover quickly it’s key to eat the right … It’s best to eat something within half an hour after you’ve finished. Because then your body is still open voor nutrients. By choosing protein food you offer your body the chance to recover.  I’m an explosive athlete and therefor my muscles suffer from minor tears during every training session. Proteins are capable of this damage control. It’s no using eating a whole lote of proteins in one meal because your body can only process a certain amount at a time. So I divide my proteins during the day.

These are 3 of my favorite protein foods during busy training periods:

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No bake cake with Greek yoghurt & passion fruit

We celebrated Sanne’s birthday recently and came up with a new cake: a no bake cake with Greek yoghurt and passion fruit! We were a bit sceptical at first, afraid the cake would turn out to sour, containing both lemon and passion fruit. But if you take a good ripe passion fruit it tastes really good and fresh! True, it’s not the healthiest cake you can think of…but hey: it’s your birthday only once a year 😉 The good thing about this cake is that you don’t have to bake it in the oven, you only need to put it in the refrigerator for a few hours.
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Speed pizza

Hi everyone! Since I decided not do do any indoor races this season, my life consists of training, training, and some more training. It comes as no surprise that I come home at the end of a day, feeling really hungry. I prefer eating a warm dish, but only if it’s prepared really quick. Lately, this speed pizza has become a real favorite! Of course you can prepare the cauliflower crust yourself, but mine kept falling apart. (I will have to try to get better at this real soon) Luckily for me, you can find fresh ones in the local supermarket. Add some home mad pesto and some good burrata cheese. Check the recipe!


Foto: NR Presents

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Dafne moves

Training in South Africa

Well, here I am, in al little sidewalk cafe in the beautiful South Africa. I went from a minus 4 degrees celcius to a plus 35 degrees in just a few hours! It always takes a few days to get used to your new surroundings, but one thing’s for sure: you won’t hear me complain! I absolutely love working out over here! I’ve just finished the first two weeks of training and I’m really happy with my progress so far. I feel very relaxed, strong and I can feel the sense of joy coming back more and more every day. Lots of people ask me why I go all the way to SA for a training camp. So I decided to write a blog about my trip, and all the ins and outs. At the end of the blog I’ve got some news about the upcoming indoor season.


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Dafne moves

5 most memorable moments of 2016

‘No need for a retrospective this year, I’m only looking for a preview of the new year’. At first, I found this Rumag quote quite striking. You already know, I think, that I’m not much of a person who looks back a lot: of course I can celebrate a victory or get really annoyed after a loss, but after either winning or losing I tend to look towards the future rather quick. Not in the least because only then I can influence the one thing that matters: work hard for the next race! But still, Christmas tends to be the time of year where everybody looks back on the previous 12 months, and my family is no exception to that. And so, together, my family and I looked back on my year and soon enough we realized that 2016 was indeed very successful and therefore a year to remember. So, if you have a few minutes to spare…I would like to take all of you (and especially you Mum ;-)) on a little trip down memory lane with me and visit the 5 most memorable milestones of 2016!
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Christmas time!

I’m really looking forward to Christmas. Only a few more days to go. We’ve got the big tree all decorated, I got my shiny dress ready (to wear at the Sports Awards Gala). The past year went by so fast…even I could not keep up with time 😉 It seems like only yesterday since we all came back from Rio. After a few weeks off I went back tot he track and started my training again. 2017 is only a few weeks away…

Like a lot of birds, I too will be flying towards the south in January. South Africa will be my destination for a couple of weeks. So this means quality family time during the holiday season. At our home we will all be together on the 2nd day of Christmas for lots of food and playing games. We’ve already tried a few small dishes in the past few weeks, the following recipes will definitly be on our menu!
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Easy interval & easy crackers

I’ve just finished the first 6 weeks of training! It’s never easy to start again after a long period of rest but I already feel my shape coming back step by step. I’ll be home in the Netherlands this month, in January I’ll be heading toward the beautiful South Africa for nearly a month.

Despite the chilly temperatures the past few weeks, we continue to train outdoor. I know that the winter period doesn’t always feel as the best season run. But considering the fact that you spend most of your days indoor…going out for some fresh air and exercise feels great and leaves you satisfied with a lot of new energy! To help you guys, I’ve created a basic interval schedule. Just make sure you don’t overdo it: start easy and then progress slowly. After your training session I recommend these home made crackers: a perfect recovery meal with a warm egg. Continue reading fort his easy interval and easy crackers.

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3x what best to eat after a run

As promised: my 3 favourite recipes for after a run. I’m not really hungry myself after a workout, that really takes a while. Nevertheless it’s really important to eat something nutritious, so you can rebuild your energy and give your muscles the chance to recover. In addition it’s also important to drink enough water. These 3 recipes make me really happy after a workout!

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3x what best to eat before a run

More and more people are getting to know our blog Dafnelikes, which means more questions about food and exercise. A few weeks ago Dafnelikes had a stand on a sports festival in Utrecht and we were visited by some girls who were about to run the 10K in a few days (Singelloop) They were curious what’s best to eat before such a race. They didn’t want to start with a full belly, nor getting hungry halfway through the race. Dafne doesn’t run these kind of distances of course but her type of meals before a race contain elements that can also be used by medium or long distance runners. So especially for all you heroes who are planning on going on those long runs, a blog with three of Dafne’s favorite pre-race-recipes 🙂

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Green salad & salmon

Hallelujah! Finally, vacation time! Now that I feel a lot more relaxt, I realize that I can look back on a terrific season. I’m also more aware of the physical impact of the past year. Never before did I fly so may miles and seen so many different countries. All in one year! Emotionally too, it’s been quite the struggle at certain points. So, time for a recovery. At first in my hometown Utrecht, next week I’ll be going on a holiday. Can’t wait!

DSC_1826Besides getting plenty of sleep and seeing my friends, I’ve started cooking again too this week. My family and I enjoyed this green salad with fresh salmon and asparagus. Having time off from training doesn’t mean I quit eating healthy too. Of course I treat myself with some nice food, but eating healthy has become a way of life the past few years. Because of it I feel better and relaxed. This salad is full with proteins, that are not only good for your recovery but alsof for your skin and hair. I can sure use all of the above haha!
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