Silver in Rio

We apologize for the radio silence in the past two weeks! Hopefully you can understand how hectic the Olympic Games have been for Dafne (and the family), so finding time to write for the blog has not been easy. But we’re back:-) The family arrived home last Sunday, Dafne came back to Holland on Tuesday. Ready for the (media) madness over here. After setting foot on home ground again, the Olympians were taken to the RAI in Amsterdam for a special ‘welcome home’ in front of family and friends. Next day, all the medal winners were being honored by nobody less than the King and Prime Minister! Quite special…

Personally, I think Dafne deserves her rest more than anything right now. Take some time to relax and enjoy her silver medal. Our time in Rio was a crazy rollercoaster ride, for us as family, but especially for Dafne. We, of all people, have been witnesses to Dafnes drive and work ethics prior to the Olympics. She really wanted to win the gold medal! It’s not easy to look at your own sister who’s disappointed about not having been able to show her true self. But, on the other hand -thanks to a lot of positive reactions-  she’s been able to develop a feeling of true pride about her silver medal. And let’s not forget the short periode of time in which she’s been a fulltime sprinter! So of course, we are amazingly proud of her! We were able to celebrate her achievement in the Holland Heineken House back in Rio. What an amazing evening it was and at the same time an emotional release for all of us. Rio was defenitely an adventure we will never forget. A few pictures for you guys!

IMG_4946IMG_4945IMG_4943IMG_49447IMG_4939 IMG_4940 IMG_4941 IMG_4942IMG_4948

  • Antonio Dominguez Zamorano

    27/08/2016 at 05:29 Reply

    Hello Dafne, you were very amazing in the olimpic games. I hope you get best oportunities and more victories. Saying hello to you and your famil from Mexico. 😉

  • Danny Stephens

    10/10/2016 at 17:17 Reply

    You really are an amazing athlete and from what I’m reading an even better person! Congrats on your Silver Medal. I’m trying to figure out how to get an autographed picture of you.

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