Lisbon & nut tarts

 Olá! I'm in Lisbon now, the very last stop before Rio! Not a bad place at all to make my final preparations before the...

Summer Smoothie Bowl

They’re all over Instagram right now: smoothie bowls. Oke: it’s actually just a smoothie in a bowl.. but the toppings make them...

An exotic partnership!

Sweet potato, pomegranate, avocado. We love it! My sister Sanne and I are really happy to announce our partnership with Discovered. They carefully select...

Cheesecake 2.0

This week was pretty special: all of my friends and family were here, in Holland and I got to celebrate two belated...

Asian salad wraps

After a hectic (and successful!) weekend, it's time for another healthy and recipe, don't you agree? I had these salad wraps for...

    • Deze Aziatische salade met kip mango en sugar snaps is
    • Weavotoast! Lekker met kiemen beetje zout en paprikapoeder Verveelt nooit!
    • Morning ritualsMake it a good one goodmorning avocadotoast healthyfood
    • Bloemkoolrijst met kip  haricot verts koolhydraatarm Nu het voorjaar
    • Wij zijn dol op de smaak van kokos Deze kokosmakronen
    • Zilver op de 60m indoor in Glasgow!! Wij genieten nog
    • Lunchtime Salade met gegrilde pompoen linzen en geitenkaas Lekker veel
    • Bananenbrood! Hier had ik zoveel zin in vanochtend en zie