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I’ve found myself a new love…what can I say. Nope, this is not about Nick 😉 Although, it is one of our favorite topics these days: photography! Which lens is best to use, what’s the deal with the incoming light, how about the shutter time and the lens opening? I’m in love! Sanne and I were already into taking pictures because of our love for food and the blog, but with my new camera I want to go out whenever I can and shoot some nice pictures. I love being outdoors, taking pictures of animals and nature really relaxes me. Being an athlete takes me all over the world, letting me photograph all the different people and places. I know: I am extremely lucky!

ce029209bdab3add9a4b5b7e9dd3c7fcIn this busy and hectic periode of the year it’s even more important than usual to have something besides athletics, something that can really take your mind of things. Being behind the camera for once, in stead of being in front of it is something I can really enjoy. For athletes it’s all about the perfect balance of training hard, eating healthy AND relaxing! My new Olympus camera makes me fill in that last aspect perfectly. And because it really IS true -one picture says more than a thousand words- I will stop typing now and show you some of the first results. What do you guys think? Oh and I will be sharing my pictures on Instagram too from now on (Dafnelikes).



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