Cheesecake 2.0

This week was pretty special: all of my friends and family were here, in Holland and I got to celebrate two belated birthday parties! I had a great time. I made...

1, 2, 3: it’s all green!

Home sweet home! I’ll be in The Netherlands the next few weeks, something I’ve been really looking forward to during my last trips. Being at home means a lot to...

Asian salad wraps

After a hectic (and successful!) weekend, it's time for another healthy and recipe, don't you agree? I had these salad wraps for the first time in Florida, a while ago....

#1 RoadtoRio: 100 days to go!

Let the countdown begin! Today it's exactly 100 days before my first 100m race at the 2016 Olympics in Rio! But first things first: this week is the next step on my...


An update from sunny Florida! In the last couple of weeks I've spend lots of hours training on the blue track (check the pictures), together with both Dutch and foreign...

Welcome to my blog!

I'm so excited: finally, my blog Dafnelikes is also available in English! Almost a year ago me and my sister started this blog about healthy food & lifestyle. We are...

    • Happy Kingsday! Dafne is nog in Florida en Sanne gaat
    • Lunchtime! Salade met restjes uit de koelkast spinazie geitenkaas komkommer
    • mexxtheaussie always eats his veggies dafneschippers veggies dogsofinstagram healthyfood
    • Weekend We nachos met kaas  avocado Wat is jullie
    • We got it from our mama not the cake but
    • Repost dafneschippers  I guess my nephew Fedde didnt care
    • We  pokebowls! Welke combi is jullie favoriet? pokebowl healthyfood
    • Topsport is zoveel meer dan alleen keihard trainen gezond eten